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  1. Bare Wire / EC
  2. Ammunition Casings
  3. Insulated Aluminum Wire
  1. Extrusion: Windows & Door Frames
  2. Lite/Sheet: Siding & Gutters
  3. Rims: Tire Must be Removed


Aluminum recycling has been a common practice since the early 1900’s and was quite widespread and intensive during World War II.

Since aluminum does not lose any of its important properties or damage the metal’s structure it can then be recycled indefinitely.

  1. Cast Aluminum
  2. Aluminum Radiators
  3. Shavings, Borings, Turnings​
  4. ​​Aluminum Breakage

Some common classifications for aluminum are

as follows:

Extrusion: This type of aluminum is structural with a thick gauge wall. The most common types of extrusion are window and door frames. It must have all foreign materials such as glass, wood, steel, plastic, rubber, etc. removed for it to be a “clean” classification.

Lite/Sheet: This is aluminum that is lightweight and small gauge. Some common types of lite aluminum are siding, gutters, screen, and foil cookware.

Rims: These are aluminum (not steel) wheels. The tire must be removed.

Bare Wire/EC:  This is wire that has had all of the insulation removed, leaving ONLY the strands of aluminum wire. It is also called “EC”. A common mistake with aluminum wire is not knowing that there can be one strand of steel wire in the center of the aluminum. This will lower the classification to an “ACSR wire”.

Insulated Alum Wire: This is aluminum wire with the insulation still intact. There are many different types of aluminum wiring including but not limited to MCM Alum, Concentric, ACSR, CA-TV, etc.

Cast Aluminum: This is an aluminum that is manufactured by a process called “casting”. The most common types of cast aluminum are cookware, motor parts and machinery.

Aluminum Radiators: These are radiators that are comprised of aluminum only. They can be classified as “dirty” if the foreign materials such as steel and plastic are not removed. There are multiple other classifications for aluminum.

Shavings/Borings/Turnings: This type of aluminum will most commonly come from machine shops as remnants of aluminum machining. They must be ALL one type of shaving; no mixed pricing. Price will vary based on the remaining amount of moisture mixed in with the shavings.

Aluminum Breakage: Aluminum breakage is any aluminum containing 10%-70% steel and the remaining is aluminum.

Common Aluminum Classifications