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Common Brass Classifications

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Some common classifications for brass are as follows:

Red Brass: This type of brass contains copper and brass, and will have more of a red coloring than other brass materials. It is most commonly used in commercial plumbing. It will have a slightly higher value than yellow brass.

Brass Bullet Shell Casings: These are spent bullet casings. They cannot be mixed with aluminum or steel casings to receive full brass price. NO live rounds permitted.

Yellow Brass and Bronze: This is the most common type of brass. The most common forms of yellow brass are in residential plumbing supplies, ammunition casings, locks/keys, flatware and decorative pieces.

**There are many decorative pieces that are only brass plated. This type of material would be purchased as whatever the underlying material may be, NOT as brass.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass has a muted yellow color which is somewhat similar to gold. 

Because it is softer than most other metals in general use, brass is often used in situations where it is important that sparks not be struck, as in fittings and tools around explosive gases.