Common Commercial Accounts

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  1. Plumbing Companies
  2. Heating & AC Companies
  3. Electrical Contractors
  1. Demolition Companies
  2. Manufacturing


At Koscove Metal, we know you are running a business and we work around your schedule to make your recycling experience as easy as possible.  

Our recycling programs have helped hundreds of businesses protect our environment and make a profit. Most individuals and businesses can recycle more. That is why we offer free on-site consultation to walk through each facility and see if there is any material that can be recycled. Koscove Metal is committed to helping others GO GREEN.

  1. Machine Shops
  2. Government Contracts
  3. Radiator Repair Shops

How a Koscove Metal commercial account works:


We 1) We set up an on-site consultation (if one is needed) to review what is being recycled and how it can be separated to maximize the price per pound.

2) We set a roll-off container that will work for the specific type and  amount of material.

3) We set up a pick up schedule.

4) You get paid weekly, monthly, or per load (as decided at onset of program).

**Our belief is honest business equals better business.  We take pride in having the BEST customer service AND paying competitive prices.

**We recycle all metals. We specialize in all nonferrous metals. This includes all coppers, all brasses, all aluminums, and all high temp alloys.

**We offer free onsite consultations for all of you recycling needs. We have roll-off containers available ranging from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. We can set up a daily, weekly, monthly, or an as-needed pickup schedule. (Most containers can be picked up the same day requested.)

**We provide onsite, free education on material sorting to maximize pay-out to you and/or your company.
That’s it! We make recycling at Koscove Metal easy and efficient.

ITEMS WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Items we do not accept at this time include: Cement, glass, hazardous material, liquids of any kind, monitors, televisions, plastic, sealed drums/containers, tires, trash, wood, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, explosives, fluorescent light ballasts and other materials containing PCB’s, asbestos, and radioactive materials.