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Materials Accepted for Recycling 

Attention Customers

As many of you are aware, the commodity market, most notably the STEEL market, has fallen in price DRAMATICALLY. Due to this, we will be unable to buy ferrous (steel/tin) material at this time. We will continue to recycle steel for any customer, and donate all proceeds to one of our local charity organizations. We will continue to pay top prices for non-ferrous metals including copper, brass and aluminum.

As always, we thank you for your loyal patronage. You are the very best customers!” 

Koscove Metal  Pays You To Recycle

At Koscove Metal, our belief is honest business equals better business. We take pride in having the BEST customer service AND paying competitive prices for all metals. Currently we are purchasing all non-ferrous metals at TOP prices. This includes, but is not limited to, copper, brass, aluminums and precious metals. 

We will make your recycling experience quick, easy, and profitable. Just ask the thousands of businesses and individuals that recycle with us everyday. Check out our online reviews!

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